Sophia Recovery Centre offers a safe, hopeful, accepting environment
    for women seeking recovery from addiction through sharing, mentoring,
    learning, and guidance in 12-Step spirituality.
When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility of more truth around her.
- Adrienne Rich
Guiding Values and Principles
    Anonymity - the foundation of 12 step recovery
                    - who is seen here and what is said here, stays here.

    Spirituality - the adoption in relationship with self, God and others.

    Confidentiality - anything done or revealed will be held
                             sacred and private.

    Acceptance - willingness to treat each person who comes to
                        Sophia Recovery Centre as a member of the group.

    Respect - esteem for, recognizing a sense of worth and
                      value for each person who comes to Sophia Recovery Centre.

    Facilitation - of growth through education and 12 Step
                       learning principles.
Our Mission