When I came to Sophia Recovery Centre I was lost, given up on myself, thought
    I was hopeless and helpless. I have been struggling with alcohol for 19 years.
    Since I have been coming here I have learned to respect myself and that I am
    worth saving. Here I have learned how to use the tools that are given to me to
    stay away from that drink. It is a safe place for me where I am accepted. I
    have received help and I am able to help others with their addictions. I am now
    2 years sober and enjoying it. Finding out what life is really about. - Julie C.
Success Stories
    Sophia Recovery Centre is a place where hope lives. As soon as I entered this
    magical place I felt like I was home...I belonged.  I was accepted and loved just
    as I was, with no judgement.  I was embraced by a kindness and compassion as
    I had never seen before.  Sophia is a large part of my recovery and  highly
    recommend it to any woman who is struggling with addictions.  -Brenda S.