Welcome to Sophia Recovery Centre

We provide a safe, supportive and welcoming space for women seeking improved substance use health. Our non-residential programs and services  meet the unique needs of women seeking to overcome addiction and find sustained recovery and wellness.

Moms. Daughters. Sisters. Wives. Grandmothers. Partners.

We meet women where they are.

Our programs include one-on-one peer mentoring, group workshops and social opportunities to heal alongside other women. We also provide support for family members
and others who are personally impacted by addiction.

All of our services and activities are offered at all of our locations, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of our funding partners and donors. Ready to take your life back, find community and on-going support as you seek freedom from addiction?

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A Wellness Journey

Sarah at Sophia Recovery Centre

 I discovered Sophia Recovery Centre when I was 18 as I started my recovery journey from substance use, and it’s been a wonderful support for me.

The Sophia community and programs keep me going back. Connecting with others and learning from their experiences has been what I’ve needed in my recovery. It’s a nice reminder that I’m not alone.

The Healing Trauma program has helped me work through deep wounds that were obvious and those that I wasn’t even aware of. Today, I am 31, have been sober for seven years and am the proud mother of two wonderful children. I don’t know what my life would look like if I hadn’t discovered Sophia Recovery Centre. I likely wouldn't be in the peaceful place I'm in right now. I am forever grateful to Sophia’s staff and community! - Sarah

Save the Date!

The Sunny Side Up Recovery Breakfast, our annual fundraiser, allows us to connect with and educate our community while raising funds needed to maintain our operations.

See you there!

Sunny Side Up Brunch
Wednesday, October 23, 2024
St Stephen, NB

Sunny Side Up Breakfast
Friday, October 25, 2024

Saint John, NB

Our Supporters

We gratefully appreciate the companies and community foundations who have supported our vital work for women and families over the last year. We are also very thankful to the many individuals who generously support our work through private donations and attending various fundraising events.