Welcome to Sophia Recovery Centre

We empower all women seeking recovery to take their lives back through a complement of on-site and virtual peer support services, 12-step coaching, counselling and compassionate continuing care programs.

Theory Of Change

When women connect with even the smallest sliver of encouragement and determination, we support their long-term recovery by offering a sense of belonging, individualized guidance in the chosen recovery pathway, social connections, and continuing care programs.

This unique combination supports women to take their lives back as their bodies and minds heal.

Sophia Recovery programs help dismantle stigma and facilitate progression towards meaningful connections, empowerment and positive change.


Our programs and services are accessible to anyone who identifies as a woman and is in or seeking recovery.

Individual and Group Counselling

Peer-based Recovery Coaching

Meditation & Breathwork

Support Groups & Workshops

Art, Yoga, Book Club

Health Coaching

In 2021, Sophia Recovery Centre supported:

Over 90% of women reported sustained recovery and other health and wellness improvement following Sophia programs.

463 Peer Coaching Appointments

1,747 Recovery Programs & Support Services

2,129 Informal Peer Support Interactions

Woman Seeking Recovery