Raise A Roof

Our new home is out there! Will you help us find it?

We’re eager to help more women experience the gifts of recovery, of healing, and of building new, supportive relationships.

The problem is we’re running out of space. We literally do not have enough room to accommodate the growing need for recovery support.

We need a larger building to accommodate our successful programs and the growing number of women coming to us for help. One with the same warm and welcoming energy of our current Sophia home, yet that meets the needs of our growing number of visits.

Raise A Roof Logo

We need space for staff and volunteers and more small meeting rooms for counselling sessions and appointments. We want more women to experience the healing power of art, yoga, and group meditation— to feel the safety of a cozy nook for journaling— and more rooms for book clubs and connections over coffee.

We never want to turn women away. Without your help, many women may lose their recovery lifeline.

A gift to Sophia is a gift to families and our community.

Sophia Recovery Centre transforms lives by helping women establish the vital re-connections that are essential to health and wellbeing.

As women recover from addiction, families, social networks and entire communities become healthier, safer and happier places to live, work and grow.

As a small non-profit, we depend on donations to help cover our costs and maintain this lifeline of recovery support for women and our community.

Your gift means we can continue providing a safe, welcoming space for women to connect and support each other while participating in programs that sustain their return to full health and vibrancy.