Programs and services at Sophia Recovery Centre are offered FREE of charge.

Morning Meditation

Set the tone for your day in a serene and calm way, with our gentle, guided, group meditation.

Daily at 9:30am. Drop in.

Coffee Hour

Stop by the kitchen to chat with staff, volunteers and each other. A healthy social network supports recovery.

Daily at 10am. Drop in - the coffee is always brewing!

Home Away from Home

You are welcome to just drop in to see us at Sophia at ANY time - you don’t need an appointment.

The kitchen and the front room are spaces where you can relax, read, drink coffee and socialize.

A Woman's Way Through The Twelve Steps

Study Twelve Step Recovery from the feminine perspective, and explore and discuss the issues that reflect the areas of change in women's lives from addiction to recovery.

Registration required.

12 Step Groups

We host regular Al-Anon meetings and other 12 Step workshops.

See our Events Calendar for schedules.

Recovery Coaching

One-on-one and group coaching in twelve step recovery, mindfulness techniques and relapse prevention tools by a peer in long term recovery.

Available by appointment.


One on one and group recovery counselling available with a licensed and experienced addictions counsellor.

By appointment only.

Other Programs and Workshops

Our holistic approach to recovery support includes opportunities to participate in programs and workshops for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discussion and growth.

Please see our calendar for up to date information.