Who We Are


From ancient times, the name Sophia has represented a uniquely feminine expression of divine wisdom. Rooted in experience and compassion, Sophia values the power of being present and seeking the harmony of body, mind and spirit. As a guiding spirit for our work, Sophia invokes hope, healing and freedom for all women in recovery.

Sophia Recovery Centre is a non-residential centre for women of all ages, providing continuing care for women in recovery from addiction. Women may self-refer and referrals are welcomed from other agencies and community services. A commitment to confidentiality is respected at all times by staff, volunteers and women who visit the centre.

Our Staff

Julie Atkinson

Executive Director


Julie Atkinson, Executive Director

Julie is a community leader with previous experience in diverse settings, including universities, churches, camps and schools.

She strongly believes that modelling mutual respect and collaboration is essential in organizational leadership and community service.

Nicole Lee

Program Coordinator


Nicole Lee, Program Coordinator

Nicole first came to Sophia Recovery Centre in 2009, where she found hope and healing from her own addiction.

As a young woman with over a decade in the recovery community, Nicole brings a unique perspective and experience in overcoming multiple barriers on her journey to wellness.

She is passionate about supporting other women on their paths to recovery.

Johanne Hall

Peer Recovery Coach


Johanne Hall, Peer Recovery Coach

After completing a 32 year teaching career and having been involved in the local recovery community for many years, Johanne’s move to Sophia was a natural transition.

Johanne shares her experience, strength, in-depth knowledge and hope with the women who enter our doors.

As she helps others, her own recovery is strengthened - a beautiful, living demonstration of the two-way pathway of healing.

Mary Nagle

Peer Recovery Coach

Mary Nagle

Mary Nagle, Peer Recovery Coach

Mary has been an active participant in various programs and services at Sophia Recovery Centre since 2016.

She has first-hand experience of the gentle power that is generated when women work together to solve mutual problems.

Mary uses her skills as a retired educator to assist other women as they journey through recovery.

She wants women to take that first step, reach out, ring the doorbell and walk through the door. She knows it only gets better after that.

Donna Clark

Administrative Assistant

Donna Clarke

Donna Clark, Administrative Assistant

Donna brings many years of administrative experience and professionalism to the centre along with compassion and a heart-felt desire to help women.

She keeps us organized and on time!

Board Of Directors

We are governed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors. The members include representation from medical, legal, counselling, financial and community service professions.

  • Sharon Amirault, President
  • Valerie Grant, Treasurer
  • Kelli Lester, Secretary
  • Dayna Lutes, Director
  • Steve Wilson, Director
  • Krista Bastarache, Director
  • Chantelle McGrath, Director
  • Patrica Boyle, Director