About Sophia Recovery

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Sophia Recovery Centre is a non-residential community centre providing continuing care programs for women seeking to take their lives back from the wide-ranging impacts of addiction.

Since 2008, the centre has grown to encompass a well-rounded team of professionals and peer mentors based in three southern New Brunswick communities: Saint John, St. Stephen and the Kennebecasis Valley.

In response to the need across the province, expansion to Sussex and other New Brunswick communities is planned for the coming years.

Our Vision
Every woman seeking freedom from addiction will discover
empowerment, community, and ongoing support.

A Compelling Sense of Connection

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I am incredibly grateful for the recommendation I received to visit Sophia Recovery Centre. From the moment I stepped through their doors, I’ve felt welcome and accepted.

Over the past several months, I’ve worked closely with the staff and felt an instant connection.Their compassionate approach helps me genuinely think through my patterns. With their guidance and support, I have been able to be honest with myself and make positive changes in my life.

The Sophia community has given me a sense of belonging and connection that I didn’t realizeI was missing. Being surrounded by women who support one another is special and inspiring.

I would highly recommend Sophia Recovery Centre to anyone struggling with substances. The warm and inviting atmosphere alone will help you! - Crystal

The Sophia Recovery Centre Story

Sophia Recovery Centre was founded by Sister Arleen Brawley (right) and Sister Mary Beth McCurdy (SCIC) in 2008.

Sister Mary Beth tells a story about the day the centre opened on Hazen Street in Saint John...

Sister Arleen, Health Minister Mary Schryer & Sister Mary Beth in 2009.
Sister Arleen, Health Minister Mary Schryer & Sister Mary Beth in 2009.
Sister Arleen Brawley

"The first visitor to ring the doorbell was a woman carrying a contribution of a delicious loaf of banana bread. Ever since that day, the doorbell has never stopped ringing."

Each new visitor brings a new member into the community, each adding to a beautiful community of shared support and wisdom.

In our clients' words