About Sophia Recovery

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About Us

Sophia Recovery Centre is a non-residential community centre providing continuing care programs for women seeking to take their lives back from the wide-ranging impacts of addiction.

Since its founding in 2008, the centre has grown to encompass a well-rounded team of professionals and peer support specialists based in three southern New Brunswick communities: Saint John, St Stephen and Rothesay.

In response to the need across the province, expansion to Sussex and other New Brunswick communities has been mapped out for the coming years.

Who is Sophia?

From ancient times, the name Sophia has represented a uniquely feminine expression of divine wisdom.

Rooted in experience and compassion, Sophia values the power of being present and seeking the harmony of body, mind and spirit.

As a guiding spirit for our work, Sophia invokes hope, healing and freedom for all women seeking wellness and recovery.

Sophia - Hope in recovery from addiction.

The Sophia Recovery Centre Story

Sophia Recovery Centre was founded by Sister Arleen Brawley and Sister Mary Beth McCurdy (SCIC) in 2008. Sister Mary Beth tells a story about the day the centre opened on Hazen Street in Saint John.

The first visitor to ring the doorbell was a woman carrying a contribution of a delicious loaf of banana bread. Ever since that day, the doorbell has never stopped ringing.

Each new visitor brings a new member into the community, each adding to a beautiful community of shared support and wisdom.

Our Vision & Mission


Every woman seeking freedom from addiction will discover empowerment, community, and ongoing support.


We empower all women seeking recovery to take their lives back through a complement of on-site and virtual peer support services, 12-step coaching, counseling and compassionate continuing care programs.

In our clients' words